Nov. 2012

Friday, November 30, 2012

One Year Old HAM

Kyrie is 1 and quite a ham.  I chalk a lot of her unique (to us) ham moments up to being a girl.   She knows how to use her eyes to get your attention or dismiss her undesirable ways: opening them wide, batting her eye lashes, or closing them tight.   When we are holding her and she wants to communicate, Kyrie leans over and tilts her head to make sure she has our attention and we are speaking face to face.   When Daddy is holding her, Kyrie will often lay her head on his chest.   As most babies she loves to move to the music..always cute.

We get the most laughs lately from watching her eat.  She loves food, particularly meat and bread.   She pounds the food (literally and in terms of quantity).   More than I remember with the boys she is also quite particular about what food she wants to eat since the start of eating solids.  From the moment she sees a food she doesn't particularly like, she shares her complaints with HIGH PITCHED LOUD SCREAMS.   (This high pitched scream is one girl aspect we highly dislike). 


As of yesterday, Kyrie is starting to prefer walking over crawling. She took her first independent steps around 11 months.   I teared up when I saw her take her first steps (its sad in one way to see them growing up so fast before your eyes), but it will be really exciting to see her run the bases in our family baseball games.   Up to this point the boys have held her and run the bases for her.   Her head bounces, legs dangle, and teeth shine through the smile as the boys run her around the "field". 

Besides food, Daddy and Mommy,  Kyrie also loves Prema, Isaac, Eli, Duke and paper.  One of her favorite pastimes is flipping through real paper books and magazines.  She doesn't care for board books because she prefers the feel of the real paper.   She also loves sucking on wet paper towels.   When the other kids and duke are not around Kyrie isn't very happy.  This morning Kyrie woke up at 5:30 a.m. and wasn't ready to go back to bed.  Within 10 minutes of being downstairs Kyrie went to the bottom of the stairs and shouted as loud as she could "Iyaac (Isaac), I-eye (Eli)"   

It has certainly been a fun year to have our little Kyrie in our family.  She is a gift of joy.  


Katie Jeffers said...

Cute. It is sweet to see them grow. I am glad you took the time to mark these moments down. They fly by so quickly and they will surely bring you joy when these days are far behind. I can't imagine what sport she'll play, but I bet she'll have LOTS of training from your boys. By the way, she eats like her mama.

Stacie said...

Yes, Katie, I agree with everything you said!!! And Michelle, it's SO true about her eyes!