Nov. 2012

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Joys of Semptember

Some joyful moments from our home this month of September...

  • Eli had to come inside to eat dinner before he could play with our backyard neighbor, 4 year old Ruby.  While eating Eli says "I told Ruby Red I would meet her at 3:30 to play."  (It was 6:00 p.m.)  He was eating really fast too and says, "I am trying to respect Ruby, so I am eating fast so I can play with her."
  • Kyrie has been joyfully greeting Kyle when he comes home.  She reaches out her arms or calls (screams) for him.  Once she gets in his arms she lays her head on his chest and rests for a few moments.  Very precious. 
  • Prema's interactions with Duke the dog and Kyrie are quite comical if you know Prema.   She is often telling the dog to be quiet when she is the only person making noise.   She greets Kyrie and Duke each day and says good night to them as if she has not seen them in ages or will not see them again.  She repeats the expressive greetings and goodbyes over and over again each moment in hopes of them reciprocating the zealous expression.  Both just stand there and stare at her.  
  • Isaac is excited to teach Eli how to read. Eli has a long way to go but Isaac is his biggest cheerleader.   At lunch today he says "Eli if you LOVE to read as much as I do, then you will want read while you eat breakfast and lunch.  The tricky part is that you gotta know where your food is at all times so that you can keep your eyes on the book."
  • Eli sounding out words and tickled with laughter at his accomplishments when he does it himself.  
  • Eli says "I am cold" after a shower.  We tell him then he needs to dry off.  He says "I am but I can't find my eyebrows to dry" (in all seriousness). 
  • Duke catching the frisbee in mid-air.  The dog's skills are quite impressive and exciting to watch.  Yesterday we started to try and teach him to go through our legs.  We have another trick up our sleeves.  
  • Kyrie jumping in her Johnny Jump up is so joyous.  She has figured out how to jump and get great momentum and then lift her feet and swing all around.  She loves to do this while watching us chase Duke and she squeals in excitement.  
  • Duke frolicking in the cool weather.  We have had some great Fall weather days and Duke can't get enough of the nice temps.  He rolls around in the grass with sticks in his mouth a lot now.  
  • Isaac understanding puns and jokes.  He understands a lot of them now. 
  • Isaac racing Grandpa, Dad and Uncle Sam in the pool.  Regardless of the odds against him with his short stature, his drive and determination to win exceeds anyone I've witnessed.  
  • Kyrie loving the sounds she makes when she crawls up to the piano and plays the keys.