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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Monday, April 7, 2008

Isaac's Birthday and Camping

On April 1 Isaac turned 3 years old. We had a wonderful time celebrating over the course of two days; all planned by Isaac himself.

On Monday we had his birthday party with Kyle's parents and the Heuertz clan (a.k.a Drew, Karamin, Dillan, and Kenyan---he is starting to learn that we can just call them the Heuertz's instead of naming each of them individually). He didn't want to invite anyone else. We had it at the Walsingham park kids playground (where we play several times a week and often have picnics) so we could play football. Isaac wanted to have Little Cesar's pizza, veggies, and fruit. He wanted a "horse" cake (chocolate cake with chocolate frosting---green sprinkles for grass and two fake horses on top.) He also requested that Grandpa Cullum play "Happy Birthday" on his trombone. Everything he wanted happened. It was a lot of fun. He directed the timing of each activity (eating, opening presents, eating cake, playing football, playing at the playground, etc).

On Tuesday we went to see the dolphins at the Clearwater Aquarium and out to dinner at Cody's (also his planning). The dolphins jumped out of the water and got us drenched so that was really fun.

His 3rd birthday has brought a few new things. He got his first backpack to take with him when he is waiting for Prema at school and PT. He has his own workbook so he thinks he is going to school. He is really cute wearing his backpack and watching him put it on. He has also officially been given some chores (folding cloth diapers, picking up the fruit, scrubbing toilet bowls, and taking the recycles out). He is asked to do chores every day but depending on his mood, can do them alone or with mom's "help/ encouragement". And of course 3 years old means 3 minutes of time outs and longer strong sitting time.

We (more I) have had desire to try camping with the kids. I remember the few times we camped when I was little being A LOT of fun. Some friends of ours camp very often with their daughter and invited us to come along for a weekend to try it out. This weekend they were camping an hour from our house so we thought the driving situation was ideal for our small ones. Our friends provided the tent, cooking needs, dinner, entertainment, chairs, etc. All we had to bring was our clothes/shoes, sleeping bags, pillows (which i forgot), sunscreen, toiletries and breakfast....TIMES 5.

One thing we have decided for sure is that camping is not something you try to do with a family of children under 3 years old. Eli tried to eat the entire campsite (ground of sand and shells) the entire time. In his small meals habit, the need to eat every 2 hours was a bit inconvenient. And in addition to those problems is everything related to packing, setting up, taking down, and unpacking with 3 kids that can't be responsible for themselves. We would come home more exhausted than when we left.

So I think for a while we will keep our camping memory of this weekend as our only for a while....playing at the playground on seesaws with bumped and bruised heads (Isaac, Prema, and Tiana couldn't quite coordinate themselves to well), strolls around the campground with the Fullers 3 dogs and talking parrot in tow, eating pizza burgers for the first time, setting up/sleeping in/ and taking down a HUGE tent, trying to sleep during the hours of heavy rain (which eventually crept into the tent), showing at the site, and playing.

We are really thankful for such generous friends to invite us and allowing us to use all of their things freely. It was great to sit and chat parents to parents, but ended early due to the rains. It is definitely something you can see doing again for the kids enjoyment...but probably years down the line.

When we got home our caterpillars, turned pupae inside chrysalis (cocoons are moths not butterflies) turned into butterflies. We released them on Monday night.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Certificate At Last

After 2 hours at the Immigrations Office today we were given the original Certificate of Citizenship. It was a positive experience, besides the behavior problems Prema had today due to the visit. Seeing her passport again and sitting in a room filled with people of different races, (me being the only white person) and people leaving but never seeing them again is a trauma trigger for her. Hopefully she will be better tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Immigrations Again

Since the last post we have celebrated Isaac's 3rd birthday. When I get more time I'll post about his special celebration.

But you may find it interesting that our government sent us a notice 2 weeks ago that we are to come to the Office of Immigration in Tampa tomorrow morning at 7:30 a.m. to REBUILD the file on Prema. At the bottom it says you must show up unless you have written notice as to why you can't come.

So tomorrow we will yet again make the trip to the office with her, her Indian passport, American passport and Social Security card. Mind you we have made this trip several times before twice requesting a green card so that we could apply for SSN and American passport and the third time to apply for her Certificate of Naturalization at which time we also gave $200 for the certificate which we should have received 9 months later. At each visit I was assured there were no problems even though they couldn't find her file each time we came. (So what did they do with all the paperwork we filled out each time we went?) The initial problem happened when we entered America from India in June 2006. I handed the Immigration Officer a HUGE envelope of paperwork from the past year and a half of the adoption legal documents. Somehow, it was never entered into the computer after he stamped our passports and never seen again. Does this make you trust our government?