Nov. 2012

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

All Saint's Day

Sr Alphonsa

Eli the High Priest

Fr. Isaac Jogues

The Start of Something New

Our Chocolate Factory

Isaac and Eli love listening to books on tape. They listened to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at least 15 times. Last week they decided to pretend they had their own chocolate factory. They dug up some dirt and added some water to make the chocolate river. At first there was a stick that was Augustus Gloop stuck in the pipe, Isaac was Willy Wonka and Eli was an oompa-loompa. Then it became more fun to have Eli be Augustus. Watch the video of all the fun the ensued.

Please don't mind the nudity. Eli is potty training. My camera work is bad too, trying to follow the running boys.