Nov. 2012

Sunday, June 28, 2009


And yet again a lot of time has passed since I have update this blog. I will try and post a quick update here in hopes to spur some more writing in the NEAR future.

let's see...

Isaac is now 4 years old. He is blowing us away with his interest in so many many things, an outstanding memory, his ability to hold in depth conversations, and his AMAZING insights into life. It is so much fun to listen to him explain how he "sees" life.
Some examples are: He thinks all adopted kids are Deaf because he knows Prema and another girl Tiana are both Deaf and adopted. Last night in a conversation about the use of the word "pastor" he thinks that Fr. Mike will soon not be the pastor at our church because his hair is turning grey. He once listed all of his favorite baseball teams which coincidentally were the names of every team he could remember at the time.

Every morning Isaac asks if the Rays baseball team won. He has to be first and always win or he will will have a meltdown. Everything is a competition. He LOVED his first experience of VBS. He didn't enjoy his first trip to Disney World because he got scared at just about everything since he hates all of the evil/ scary characters and events.

Eli is now 2 years old. The poor dude has been sick A LOT so most of the time his moodiness has been worse. He loves to sing and dance and whenever he is in a good mood you will find him performing for anyone who will watch. You will often hear him using either a grumbly/ deep/ rough voice with facial expressions to match or a very sweet soft spoken voice as he cuddles up to someone. He still loves to copy just about anything Isaac is doing. It has also been fun to watch him attempt to sign with Prema. He will move his lips and wave his hands in the air whenever he is trying to "hold a conversation" with her.

Prema is doing pretty well. She is now in summer school 4 days a week and on the Fridays she is attending a Deaf summer camp. She absolutely LOVED her first trip to Disney World. We have been excited to see her Jump rope for the first time. She has now acquired all the large motor skills she needs to function in school so she will no longer be receiving PT.