Nov. 2012

Monday, May 21, 2012

Crazy Months

Life has been extremely crazy lately, with planned and unplanned events. Today was the first day I could say that I hope to get back into a routine since February.

 In February Kyrie and I took a trip to Wisconsin for a week to visit my parents.

 In March the whole family drove up to Wisconsin to see my parents and help them move out of their house. It was quite a trip. Eli broke his leg falling out of a tree at a rest stop in Kentucky on the way up. Isaac had a jaw infection and Kyrie started with bronchitis. Hence our time there was filled with doctor appointments as well as many days of doctor appointments after our return home.

Three of our kids had birthdays all within a few weeks in March and April. Sandy, Kyle's mom, planned wonderful celebrations for all 3 kids. She went all out on her planning for Eli's birthday. See my sister in law Amber's post for some great photos and details. Amber and Sam's son Bennett also had a birthday celebration tucked in between Prema and Isaac's.

The night of Eli's birthday party, David (Kyle's dad) was returning a bike to our house and happened to walk in on our house flooding. The water line from the ice maker detached from its fitting and thus water was over majority of our bottom floor. This wouldn't be such a big deal except for the fact that Kyle had spent about 3 months laying all of the hardwood floor in the house less than a year ago. A few days after the water was dried off the surface the floor began to buckle in some areas. Now we are just waiting to see how much we have to fix once all the moisture is gone. Our home repair/ finish house list became longer instead of shortening so that was a bit overwhelming, but we do realize that home repairs are really never ending.

 Kyle has been very busy at work and I have been busy with planning a Classical Conversations practicum.

February through April Isaac was on his first participation on a real baseball team. Sadly The Rockers team (his imaginary team for years) is no longer playing month long seasons in the back yard. Isaac LOVED his experience with his RED SOX baseball team. We enjoyed watching him love playing. It was our first time learning to juggle the baseball commitment with other family life. Grandma and Grandpa Cullum were a HUGE help in getting him to games and practices at times when it was either impossible or a tight time crunch for us.

We are now looking forward to some down time this summer.