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Monday, April 26, 2010

Signing Time- Animals

Hi, This is Kyle, posting videos for Michelle while she is off galavanting around helping the adoptive parents of the world. If there are any errors in here, I take no responsibility and Michelle should be consulted directly regarding fixing said errors. Happy signing.

intro, horse, rabbit

fish, whale, dolphin, octopus, jellyfish, stingray

cow, pig

kangaroo, sheep

deer, moose, goat

wolf, fox

mouse, rat

hippo, rhino

zebra, elephant

lion, girraffe

bear, tiger

bird, duck

lizard, frog


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Signing Time- Verbs

go, sit, walk

eat, play, run, jump

talk, lay, stand

stand up, sit up, look, wait

leave, get, stay, catch

swim, drive, climb

review 1

review 2

ASL Time- Pronouns

me, you, he, she, it

we, them, these, those, these

my, your, his, her, our, their

setting up people in space

setting up things in space

myself, yourself, ourselves

review pronouns

review pronouns with family words

**You can continue review using pronouns with family members on your own. You could create family word flash cards word on each card and another set of pronoun flashcards Then pick one card from each pile and sign them together. i.e. my sister

Pronouns can become very confusing for people since it requires placing people in space who are not present. This is one of the things about ASL you will begin to love as you learn the art of story telling. It is hard and at times confusing, but very neat simultaneously. If you have additional questions please post them in the comments and I reply for all to see.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


the ABC's...each letter has its own sign. You do not specify capital or lowercase letters when spelling in ASL.

after you learn the letters you could...
1. practice spelling your name and the names of family members
2. practice spelling any words you see while driving or riding in a car



Review ABC's

Monday, April 5, 2010

Signing Time- Family Words Review

here is a video to help you review your family words quickly. On the right hand side of this blog you will see a listing of my ASL lessons. I am tagging each lesson so that you can see the key words and find old lessons quickly when you need them.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Signing Time-Family Words Part 2

This is part 2 of " Family Words". You should see part 1 before part 2.

sister, brother

cousin, niece/ nephew

husband, wife, aunt, uncle, family

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Signing Time- Family Words Part 1

Hi Everyone

I have decided to try and video a new signing time each week. Hopefully family members, friends and kids will be able to enjoy learning American Sign Language. It is a somewhat selfish adventure as I end up interpreting for every interaction Prema has and therefore miss out on adult conversations.

This is not a professional video at all. I just pressed record on my computer and what you see is what happened in one recording, no rehearsing or planned dialogue. If I waited for a perfect time, place, and situation it would never get done.

A note of warning: If you are living in a state other than Florida and you try and talk to a Deaf person in your state, there may be some differences in the their signing compared to what I am teaching in these videos. Just as each state as spoken accents, there are also ASL "accents" with states having differences in the way they sign things. For example I think there are at least 25 different ways to sign "birthday" in America. Also Sign Language is not a universal language, hence why this is call AMERICAN sign language. You cannot go to another country and expect to be able to communicate with Deaf people. You may find some similarities, but the languages are different.

Post a comment and let me know what you think about this new project of mine :) I hope to upload more signs this week :)


mom/ mother, dad/father, parents

grandma, grandpa, great grandma, great grandpa

baby, son, daughter