Nov. 2012

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

Hello to all,

Another busy year has passed for us all. I thought I would take a moment to overview the year.

Kyle and I definitely feel another year older. We're starting to notice the lines on our faces and dark circles under our eyes that never go away. Kyle's head hair keeps transplanting itself on his chest and back. We struggle to hold our fingers straight, I even notice them become more and more stiff making it even more difficult to become speedy and accurate at fingerspelling. But all that aside, we still continue to try and try to change the rest of ourselves a new.

Kyle competed in his first triathlon in July. He started after me and passed me on the last leg about 1 mile into the run. He loved the experience. Regardless of how tired he is, he is very good a consistently running about 3 miles 4 to 5 times a week. He continues to amaze us all with all the new construction skills he acquires. In January he tackled our bathroom renovation which included swapping locations for our AC handler and the toilet. Kyle did an awesome job.

I have learned a ton again this year about parenting and teaching. We began homeschooling Isaac this year. I have learned more than I ever imagined about World History through teaching a 4 year old. I have also learned a lot more about the Bible and training kids to live Godly lives. In July I competed in my second triathlon. It was a struggle for me, as I felt very exhausted but still very enjoyable.

Prema has had quite a few new things this year. She began the fall with 2 new teachers after 2 years with the same teacher. She became a permanent rider in Horses For the Handicap. She rides horses every Saturday for 45 minutes. The horse she rides, Dominic, is the largest horse on the grounds and beautiful. Prema is slowly learning to lead the horse herself through an obstacle course and trotting. She loves it. She also is starting to learn to clean the horse stalls and groom the horses. If you haven't seen Prema;s performance yet at her Holiday Deaf Extravaganza, you'll want to check out her performance. We had lots of laughs.

Isaac started pre-school at home this year. We are a part of local Classical Conversationscommunity. Every Wednesday we meet at a church with the rest of the CC community. During that time Isaac and I are in a classroom with 7 other students and their parents learning the new material for the week. The rest of the week we review all of the material at home. He is studying World History, Latin, English Grammar, Math, Science, music, and art. Each family is responsible for teaching their own child how to read and write and daily math with their own curriculum. Isaac has amazed us with his ability to memorize. Isaac and I both love our CC community and all that we are learning. Isaac has shown us this year his love for teaching and organizing people. He has also become very good a ASL which is a huge help to me when the kids play together. I no longer need to be the interpreter, just the referee.

Eli's character has shown itself a lot more this year. At first you would think Eli is a very shy child, but that is only in new situations and upon meeting new people. After Eli is feeling comfortable any place becomes his stage. He is a performer. He loves music and dancing. He has the moves and the tunes. He is even a performer whenever he is hurt, needs something, doesn't get what he wants or is corrected. Eli still loves to talk in a low rough growl most of the time. His will is almost as strong as Kyle's and mine. However, he still loves to snuggle close and cuddle.

Merry Christmas to you all,
love Kyle, Michelle, Prema, Isaac and Eli

Friday, December 4, 2009

She is Serious


Prema is performing her 2 holiday songs with other kids from her school. This is not a joke...she is so serious when she is performing. She LOVES to perform. She knew where we were sitting so during the performance she stops at times to say "My mom", waves to us, and signs "Hi Isaac" Prema can't hear the music. Her teacher is in the front row showing her what to sign for the songs.

I had just had a night of prayer last night with other mothers and we specifically prayed for Prema in knowing her limitations that we could love her, accept all of her, and know her purpose. At the start of watching her I cried in thanksgiving for the joy this one moment was giving her, myself and so many other people in the audience. Then those tears of joy and humility turned to tears of laughter as we watched her funny "Prema-isms" take center stage. What a wonderful gift this day was to all of us. Enjoy!