Nov. 2012

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Eli keeps us laughing

...and wondering what to do. Yesterday we were at Chic-fil-A eating lunch. Eli and Isaac were in the indoor playground playing. Kyle and I were chatting with Kyle's parents at a table in the restaurant area with a good view of the play area. I looked up and saw Eli standing in front of the large window with his pants down, bouncing his right foot on the ground as if to keep a good beat and pretending to strum his guitar which was his penis. AHHHHHH! I quickly got up from my chair (which fell down with a big crash) and ran to pull Eli's pants up. I took him to the bathroom and couldn't stop laughing as I was trying to discuss the importance of keeping our pants up in public areas.

Make Over

My friend Amy wrote an essay about me and submitted it to a local salon for a Mother's Day Makeover. I WON! So today I was able to spend 4 hours at the salon getting my hair cut, shined with a clear coat, a pedicure and manicure, and make up application. It was a real treat. Thank you Amy and thank you Kyle for watching the kids! Now off to a date with Kyle.