Nov. 2012

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Long time again since my last post. LIfe is busy and doesn't seem thrilling enough to post about.

One thing that has been happening at our house a lot recently is lizard catching. If you have never visited Florida, then you might not know that lizards are everywhere. Small ones that fit in your palm. Sometimes they get in your house if you leave the door open too long and your choice is to let them die or catch them and free them the outside world again. You could pretty much coin the phrase "you're a true Floridian child if you catch lizards as a pas time."

Prema has discovered the thrill of catching lizards. This month she finally caught her first lizard unassisted. A neighbor boy came and caught 10 + lizards one day for her and Isaac. Since that day Prema spends at least an hour our more a day trying to catch lizards herself. The trouble is that Prema's coordination is not nearly as refined as the other boy and thus many lizards have either lost their tails or died due to traumatic amputation of a limb. The good thing is that lizards' tails grow back, so we don't worry about that. The death of the amputated lizards causes problems because Eli is determined to sit vigil with each one watching it take each last breath until it's death. He will say, "Mom it's still breafing. He not dead yet."

Isaac is also enjoying the challenge and excitement of catching lizards but he can only catch the ones who are in shock after Eli has let them loose. Prema and Isaac will want to keep them in their jar for a few more minutes and so Isaac will then be able to gather them all again back into the jar since they don't move as fast.

Eli likes to take the lizards for rides in his dump trucks.