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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Where Have I Been?

I've been a blogging slacker. To be honest I haven't gotten too much done besides watching and playing with my kids and trying to keep the house somewhat organized.

random updates:

Kyle started remodeling the kids' bathroom 2 weeks ago. He has been working every weekend and just about every night on the project. Our roof was leaking where the AC duct came in from the outside so the project included switching the placement of the AC handler with the toilet. Thus he had to cut into the floor and change the piping. His dad and brother Sam have been a huge help! We are very grateful. I tried to help one night climbing into the space between the roof and ceiling to help Kyle put insulation there. I wasn't strong enough to keep my weight only on the 2x4s so Kyle (the stud) did it all and i just stayed on a few boards near the opening feeding him the insulation.

Kyle has also been VERY busy at work. So far they have sufficient work considering the economy. Everyone has been bidding just about anything they can to make sure they have enough work in the future.

I have been super busy as well. They kids and daily chores of course keep me busy. I also have been busy with the Adoption Support Group. With the help of a friend I got a website and discussion board set up. I am still learning how to add other things to the website. check it out As I come in contact with more families raising their adoptive child with attachment issues I have also been consulting with families more often. Recently Prema's school asked for my assistance with a new student.

This week I started my first "green thumb" project since living in this house. My mother in law has a true "green thumb" so up to this point given that I have been either very pregnant or with a toddler at the time of spring I have asked her to help with the planting. This year I decided to try some things on my own. I've planted some new plants and patched up the lawn with plugs this weekend. Now the true test: will they grow.

Prema turned 10 years old yesterday (legally). She is doing quite well. Prema now has 2 friends whom she invited over to our house yesterday for her party. They played and ate for about 3 hours. It was nice to see her celebrating her day with friends never feeling left out of conversations, etc. Tonight Kyle and I are taking her to an Indian restaurant.

In school Prema is doing very well. She is now reading at a beginning first grade level and doing simple addition of one digit numbers. Almost all of the reports from school with regard to her behavior are good. She has just started spelling tests so we'll see how fast she can retain words. Her language is still not fluent and she is not understanding questions so this will severely limit her abilities if she doesn't improve. We can understand the language she does have a lot better.

Prema's adenoid surgery was on Monday. She did great and there were no complications. She has only complained of a pain a little bit this week. The worst part is her breath. It is potent. We've been told she can have bad breath for up to 3 weeks. The smell is so bad we have every window in the house open and I still get a gag reflex when she is close to me. It is horrible to eat the same table with her.

Isaac is busy busy busy and loud loud loud. He is always talking or singing even with made up words. Some of his words sound like bad words. One of his favorites is "dicky docky". As I write he is shouting at the top of his lungs "grace grace of your Lord." He loves numbers. He is often asking a math problem. "How many people are in the house right now?" "How many will be here when the boys leave?" Isaac has also been having more play dates. He LOVES to play. If you try to sit him down to do anything "academic" he refuses. He only wants to play so we don't push anything. You're only a kid once, might as well play while you can. He is very excited for his 4th birthday on April 1st.

Eli is at an AWESOME stage. He is talking, using tons of new words every day. The minute he hears a word he gives it a try. Eli is also at the place where he copies anything his older brother does. Isaac and Eli are always playing together. It works out well for now because Eli will do anything Isaac tells him to do including give up his toys. Most of the time you hear Isaac asking Eli a question and Eli will say "ya". Eli has caught onto pretend playing really fast since he has Isaac to model and play with him.

We think we have dodged the ear tubes with Eli. We heard about taking kids to a chiropractor for ear infections. We didn't want to do the ear tubes at all so we decided to give it a try. I know some of you are thinking how could you possibly take your child to a chiropractor to have them man handled, but it is very different than you think. There were some x rays to determine if he was out of a-line. Then ll the doctor does based on some measurements from the x ray is tap with an instrument a few times behind one of Eli's ear. We've visited 4 times once a week and have one more visit. Right before we went to see the chiropractor for the first time Eli saw the ENT the same day. The ENT reported tons of fluid in both ears. Two weeks later Eli got a cold and the flu and the pediatrician reported fluid but no infection. Every time in the past when he has gotten a cold he has gotten an infection. Since that check he has not had an infection at all!!! So I believe the chiropractor has helped.

I think that is it for now.