Nov. 2012

Friday, December 28, 2012


Yes, I knew they were doing this.  Yes ,I allowed it to happen.   They needed a haircut anyway and usually we just take the shears to them.  It served its purpose...the house was quiet for a good hour, they were enjoying their time and they were making some fun memories.  The scary part is that they actually think their new style looks good.

Finished Product...certainly in need of a buzz cut in the next few hours. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Funny Prema Moment

Kyle left the house tonight after dinner to see about an electrical job.  We had eaten chicken curry for dinner and I had put the bones in the garbage can.  Duke laid solemnly between the door Kyle left and the garbage can that held the chicken bones.   Prema came down and saw Duke's lamenting for both things he could not have: his owner's presence and chicken bones.   (I was sitting on the couch and was able watch Prema's private moment with Duke.  It made me chuckle).

Prema felt Dukes head as if checking him for a fever.  (very dramatic repetitive hand movements all around the head).  

Prema signs to Duke:  sick? 

Then Prema leans down and puts her index finger behind her ear and puts her ear close to Dukes stomach.  

Prema signs:  baby moving?  jumping?  soon baby born.  wait.  

Duke gets up and wanders to a new location.  

Later I informed Prema that Duke is a boy and thus won't be having any puppies.