Nov. 2012

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Yesterday at our homeschool community class day, the boys partook in a nature hike in search of animals.   They were encouraged to apply their science memory work as they searched: classifying the animals.

Today the boys were eager to collect animals from the backyard.   At the end of the day they had created 3 animal habitats in jars and collected 7 lizards, 1 frog and 1 snail.  Each man made habitat they created is different: 1 has a log, 1 has a handmade ladder and 1 is completely shoved full of grass.  Each animal has a name: Baby William, Tailless Jerry, Redhead Henry, Diamondback Bob, Hannah Mom of William, Rose Mom of Jerry, Mad Robby, Sluggy the Snail, and Croaky the Toad. 

It is important to note that the boys determined that 2 of the lizards were female and moms because they saw them "kissing" the other male lizard. 

On another side note in regards to the lizards, Kyle seized the moment and conversations to make comments common from Cullum men.  

 Eli:  "Mom lets go downstairs and look at the lizards."
Kyle:   "I tried to show mom my lizard last night but she didn't want to see it."
Eli: "Really"

(drop the subject)

A few minutes later another moment for Kyle to seize the moment:

Isaac is sweeping up the bathroom after Eli decided to pull out all of the grass onto the floor so that he could put a wet cotton ball in the jar for the pets' water.

Kyle: "You don't know how to handle your broom.  I know how to handle my broom but mom is not impressed."

Just another peak into our family and life. 


Stacie said...

I am dying!!! That is just... awesome. Ha!

Katie Jeffers said...

"Lizards." The more I say that title to myself, the more it makes me laugh because of the new meaning created by Kyle. I love that you had the courage to write these things on your blog. Don't think I would have.. just would have taken a good mental note and shared the ridiculousness by word of mouth. Are any of those lizards still alive?:) They pretty much tortured on last Wed.; I don't think he'll ever be the same. Thanks for the insider view... Kyle's humor doesn't surprise me (we have similar husbands) but it does make me laugh and remind me that I'm not alone!