Nov. 2012

Friday, December 28, 2012


Yes, I knew they were doing this.  Yes ,I allowed it to happen.   They needed a haircut anyway and usually we just take the shears to them.  It served its purpose...the house was quiet for a good hour, they were enjoying their time and they were making some fun memories.  The scary part is that they actually think their new style looks good.

Finished Product...certainly in need of a buzz cut in the next few hours. 


Sandy said...

Maybe Gene will give them some pointers when he comes to visit.

Good for you, Michelle, for letting them try it!....have you set down any rules about cutting OTHER family members hair?.....

Katie Jeffers said...

Michelle, you'd better keep a close eye on Kyrie. LOVE the family pic. You look beautiful.

djp375 said...

At least they did not cut their ears. Grandpa says they do need some lessons but a very good try.

And he said a least they waited until after they sang to him for his Birthday.